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The ISBP Online course contains 12 hours of online instruction and training in the International Standard Banking Practice for the Examination of Documents under UCP 600. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of documentary credit professionals.

This course includes expert commentary on the ISBP, related UCP 600 articles, sample document extracts and ICC Opinions that help to provide context/reasoning on an ISBP provision.

The course content is written by Gary Collyer, Senior Technical Adviser to the ICC banking Commission, and Chair of the drafting group for the revision of ISBP.

Best Trade Solution’s Review

Just after the official publication of ISBP 745, coastline solutions published ISBP Online. As the name implies, the course is related to ISBP 745. The course consists of a detail commentary of ISBP745, three cases studies and of course an assessment.

Apart from the assessment and case studies, the course merely appears like a commentary of the ISBP 745. In most cases, any real critical analysis of ISBP745 is missing. Instead it has lots of examples supported by images of the documents. At some points you may not find any reason for such examples or images. For example, paragraph A10 clearly says that when a LC requires a courier receipt proving sending of documents or notice, it will not be examined as a transport document.

At this stage readers will find an image of a courier receipt without stating how the outcome of the examination will differ under A10. So one may feel that unnecessary example is hindering the flow of the study. Having said that, new trade practitioner will find them useful.

In some rare occasion, reader will find some interesting analysis or remarks. For example in A19(g) the course explained the possible risk and why the ISBP protects the issuing bank despite such raw clause. Or in A21 the course explains why ISBP changed its position on language requirements.

The course also comes with 3 case studies. These cases studies also follows the traditional coastlinesolution style i.e. a swift LC and few MCQ questions. Overall, the course is recommended for beginners’ only.

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