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URDG Master contains over 12 hours of online training and instruction in URDG 758, the rules governing the operation of demand guarantees. It is designed to ensure proficiency in this area of trade finance work.

The course content is written by Dr Georges Affaki, Chair of the URDG 758 Drafting Group and Vice Chair of the ICC Banking Commission, and Gary Collyer, Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission.

Best Trade Solution’s Review

Ok!! Finally the study of URDG Master is completed. And it took more time than expected. No problem with URDG Master. Time is the problem. It seems next time “5 banking day” rule has to be applied for BTS Review also!

As far as the structure is concern, URDG Master is fairly similar to DC Master or ISP master. URDG Master has 4 sections, i.e. Demand Guarantees, URDG 758 Examined, Case Studies and Assessment. The first part, that is Demand Guarantee, offers a decent presentation on basic guarantee mechanism. Case studies are just OK this time. The rules itself are simpler compared to UCP600. Hence the relative simplicity of case studies is understandable.

The most important part of the training is the “URDG 758 Examined”. One may define it as a commentary on URDG 758. The language of URDG 758 is quite fluent and a commentary just reciting the rules elaborately may be felt monotonous at times. Someone looking for a good discussion on grey areas of URDG 758 may not be very happy. Nevertheless, there are indeed some good examples on some occasion. For example the explanation on guarantor’s own record, instructing party in article 2 section was very helpful in clearing confusion. Loved the commentary on Article 23. And in fact there were few comments that indeed helped to understand other ICC rules like UCP and ISP.

URDG Master includes a number of reference material and is generous to offer a soft copy URDG 758 and some model forms. Overall a good training module for beginner and intermediate level and hereby recommended.

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