Legal Analysis and Case Studies

Author: King Tak Fung

Publisher: PEER Consultancy Limited

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Publisher’s Descriptions

UCP 600 - Legal Analysis and Case Studies is a comprehensive guide for all trade practitioners, Bankers, Lawyers, Shippers and anyone involved in letter of credit and international trade. The present volume examines 99 highly controversial issues that will impact on UCP 600 and international trade. Using a question answer technique, the author has analyzed 55 landmark cases to illustrate the legal principles and the possible pitfalls related to the new UCP.

Best Trade Solution’s Review

Usually a books lists a questions or summary at the end of each chapter. The author made some real difference here. :) Each chapter begins with a set of question each of which is specifically answered in the following discussion.

The most interesting part of this question answer book is that it includes a good number of legal cases studies which will help the reader to understand how a simple issue may not remain so simple at the court room. Mr. Tak Fung has done a great job in summarizing the court cases.

While the name suggests a legal analysis, reader will be disappointed if they expect lots of complicated issues inside it. rather its a collection of both simple and complicated questions which will attract both beginners and experts.

Overall its a great to book to go through.

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